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April 04, 2012


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I can tell how soft that yarn looks even in your picture!


I won't tell and I looking at the photo I can't even notice the pattern has been 'adjusted'! :) I do love the yarn Ellen, I think I am entering a lavender phase in my life and want all things purple.


The scarf looks great, despite the trouble it's giving you! I'm about to start that book too. I keep hearing it's good, so I'll have to give it a try.


I think the scarf looks lovely, whichever way you read the pattern. Gorgeous colours!

amanda {the habit of being}

oh yes mr. wickham but then there is also mr. collins who just makes my spine crawl...


Okay, you've sold me on the book. A continuation of Pride & Prejudice by P.D. James? That sounds just perfect. Thanks for sharing!


Love the scarf, beautiful colour!


Now you've got me thinking. Wickham would be too obvious. Collins would be pleasing, but not enough backbone. Hmm! I might just have to get a copy. I should imagine they are all too polite to talk about it, except maybe Mrs Bennet. Don't tell us who dunnit and I promise not to let it out the bag about the 18 rows.


Pattern is beautiful (as is that color!!!)--your secret is safe with me--I think it looks perfect.
Hope you like Death comes to Pemberly better than I did--I listened to it as an audiobook when it first came out; I didn't think it was one of her best. (But then she is in her 90s I think--maybe rushed this one a bit.)


The yarn looks absolutely gorgeous! I would totally just keep going too, I'm learning to adopt Tim Gunn's philosophy of "make it work" ;-)

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