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February 28, 2012


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Don't even look at the other side Ellen! I am very impressed with all your sewing skills. Great job.


pouches are the only item that i add zippers to! anything else gets a button or velcro! :)

i just put together a tutorial for a zippered pouch and i sewed the zipper on upside down and i left the zipper shut when i sewed it together, so turning it right side out was a big challenge. so silly!


Ok, Ellen, you've convinced me to try the zipper thing. ( I don't do button holes, either, which REALLY limits my sewing projects!!!)

I think you did a wonderful job--and who care if those guys are bicycling upside down?


My sister makes these and I love them! Yours is adorable and it took me a bit to figure out what went wrong....


Love the pouch Ellen and your zipper looks fabu! I get how you can see all the mistakes you made but honestly I didn't notice that the material was upside down until you mentioned it. Rather, I was thinking about how I could finagle you to make one for me! Thank you for sharing!


Whatever you do, never cut yourself short. All it takes to learn something new is the will to take the plunge. You did it and the pouch looks wonderful. Your task was to put the zipper did that and very nicely. Now...don't stop there! I find zippers are a lot easier to put in clothes than bags. Next task...make sure the material is in the correct direction. Hugs and love....


Love the fabric and great job on the zipper...doesn't matter that it's up-side-down :)

naturally crafted mama

ahhhh the upside down print- been there, back in the day when i used to make lots of panel skirts. every once in a while i would space out while cutting my fabric and two of the panels would have an upside down print. the pouch looks great! it took me awhile to be able to wrap my head around getting a zipper into a lined pouch.


Been there done that with the upside down print :) Your pouch looks great. I too have a fear of zippers, but looking at your pretty pouch might just get me to give it a go, thanks!


Definitely impressed that you can sew a zipper...I always end up using buttons because I seem to be afraid of the zipper!

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