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January 24, 2012


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That looks so good! My boy's love monkey bread too. They also like gorilla bread: make monkey bread, but take each layer and wrap it around a cube of cream cheese before you bake it. Layer in a pan and bake.


Tracey, that sounds even more cloyingly sweet, but tasty. If you try this, I would tone down the nutmeg unless you really like nutmeg. And maybe add just a bit more cinnamon.


My gang would love this treat. Isn't Pinterest great?!


Oh man, not the kind of post to you want to read early! Looks so yummy, I can relate to those boys of yours!


Love the action shots :)


Ohhh, I've been wanting ti try this one. Looks yummy!


Looks so yummy! Going to try it with GF flour. Hope it works out. Hugs...


Why do you torment me with food that has lots of calories??? :D


That would be gone in our house in a heartbeat. It does look pretty darn good. I love Cinnamon and would have no trouble upping that for the recipe.

no spring chicken

Oh you darling friend! You are going to be quite popular here from now on... when I tell the family that you are the one who gave us the recipe for cinnamon pull-apart!!

Blessings, Debbie

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