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December 14, 2011


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I'm in the same organizational boat as you...maintaining is our problem. I have no problem getting rid of things and I feel that we're fairly organized, it's just getting everything back into its home that's the challenge. Good luck!


I like your diagnosis as I think my family "is just plain messy" too. Love all your knitting projects and am eager to see them done.


Being messy does not mean just means "this house has a lot of love flowing thru it." I know our home will never be like my mother's house was and that's okay. Our house has creative and imaginative juices overflowing...sometimes in liquid form but a home is where the heart of our lives are formed. I say, enjoy your home/family now...pick up when the kids are grown.


I am an organized person living in a home with a group of messy pack's trying to say the least. I usually have to wait for them to go out of town and then out come the trash bags and trips to Goodwill!


I can't wait to see more! Love the Malabrigo and the orange. :) Good luck finishing to both of us!

Steph @woolythyme

I've never made a keyhole scarf, but love the idea and look--just queued that one! Thanks!
And just because things are put away--doesn't mean that they are organized. Wish I had left my Christmas glasses out in plain sight (along with a hooked Christmas rug); I'm sure they are in good "safe" places; just don't know where those places are!!! GGRRRRR. I'm going to get organized--next year!!

i LOVE all of your projects! they will be beautiful! i went through the house before thanksgiving de-cluttering every corner. of course it is already pretty messy, but the messy you can actually pick up at the end of the day...if you weren't so busy knitting for ahem...other people, not me...


amanda {the habit of being}

it is hard to always have a neat, picked up house when the kids are always home and there to undo what you just did ;-)


You're getting an awful lot of knitting don't worry too much about your house!


Ha! I borrowed that book from the library after seeing it on Ginny's blog too. I think that it will give me some good ideas for kid-friendly organizing.

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