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October 06, 2011


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Only five in a box? How odd { ha, ha }! It really does seem like an odd number to market though.
I will give this a try today; with cooler weather here my guy's are eating even more!
I am working on a pumpkin -ginger- nut muffin recipe that still needs a little help. The batch I prepared yesterday is just too sweet for me, although the guy's inhaled them [gasp!].


Thank you for sharing this....We're doing a food challenge for the month and I agree, those store-bought boxes add up (the Quaker ones -- are what my brood likes). I had a recipe for granola bars in one of my many cookbooks. Do you think I can remember which one?


Looks good! Do you think that coconut oil is a must? Could another oil be substituted? Just wondering.


Swanski - yes, the original recipe called for canola oil but I would assume that any oil (mainly) would work. I just wanted to add coconut oil because of the coconut idea.

Jodi - if you find the recipe, let me know.

Tracey - I find as I get older, I like sweet things not as sweet. My kids still inhale things like your guys. The muffins sound good!


I think I may try these today...home with a sick one. Glad for Swanski's comment....I think I may use canola oil for lack of coconut. Funny, I just passed up buying granola bars at the store because of no great sales or coupons. Hope BS was good last night..I missed it!


Oh...how yummy!! I'm glad you mentioned trying it with brown rice flour. That way, I can eat it. Think I'll try it today and ready some for company to snack on. I wonder if this are freezable/we can try! Thanks Ellen and Hugs...


Oh my! That looks heavenly!

amanda {the habit of being}

thank you for sharing these! this looks like something we could get used to eating...especially the combo of coconut oil and chocolate...one of my kids' favorites.


MaryBeth, tell me how they fare with the brown rice flour. I'm sure they'd freeze well.


This sounds like a yummy recipe. Once my new oven is in, I will have to try it! Jacinta

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