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September 27, 2011


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Thank you so much for this post, it's exactly what I needed to read this morning. Nature study, art, ect [all the lessons I consider fun] always come last here or not at all. We were suppose to have an art lesson yesterday and never got to it. I think I will rearrange my schedule this morning and we're going outside! xx
PS-Love you nature area.


I love this idea -- and that fact that you're executing a well-thought out plan that works for your kids. The posters and artwork are so colorful -- they must get more than a fleeting glance from everyone who passes by.


This is great! It makes me want to try homeschooling again :). Right now I feel we're already out of room....I think we're just in the toy phase with younger kids:). I know what you mean, though, about feeling short on time...so much I want to do before the baby comes and I really need to be realistic about it all. You have done a great job with your nature study!

amanda {the habit of being}

i love this little spot you've created! especially the moon calendar...must find one of those.

i must admit that while describing yourself, you described me to a tee. some days it is just so hard to get out of the house because so much needs to get done and other days there are so many errands to run it's hard to squeeze in anything else. must work on this!

S/V Mari Hal-O-Jen

What a lovely nature corner! It does take time and effort, doesn't it? What worked for me in regards to working in art and music and such was the Peg Theory. As in, peg your topic to something that happens every single day. So for us that ended up being classical music and art study during breakfast. We eat breakfast every morning, therefore we studied a composer/artist every morning. Easy, but it worked! Nature study was a little more difficult, but I think for awhile I had it pegged to afternoon snack?


It's such a joy to see the excitement from children when they discover the uniqueness of nature. These discoveries last a lifetime. We used hand and finger puppets for the younger ages, acting out scenarios about insects, birds, butterflies and yes, even animals. Imagination always went wild with creativity. Glad you're doing the same. In fact, we still have a nature area in our house for anyone. Hugs...

Laura Jeanne

This is so lovely! I had pinned the image of your nature area before at Pinterest, without realizing it was yours, Ellen! :)

I too have been trying harder to do regular nature study the past while. I find it helps to write it down on the schedule for the week, because I am really anal about checking off everything. Also it's a good idea to go outside first thing in the morning, before we do academics. I find that if I leave the "extra" things like nature study and music appreciation for last, we don't do them at all because we get busy with the other things.

I adore those posters by the way, thank you for sharing where you got them.


Awesome! I found your post on pinterst - its exactly what I've been trying set up at my house. We're about halfway there. I love your posters, thanks for the link to where to buy them!!

Katie Coons

Those posters are beautiful. Where did you get them?

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