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October 13, 2011


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Hi, I recently found your blog and enjoy it.
I have to get inventive sometimes, too, to get those girls out there in nature. My eldest loves to bring a baseball mitt and ball. My youngest loves to collect things for the nature table. I often have to invent stories of gnomes and fairies to keep them out there. Both girls (6 and 11, so slightly younger)love the Woodland Trust website ( and especially the seasonal activities ( Even my 11 year-old gets a kick out of filling out the Woodland Adventure Booklet and trying the recipes.
Funny, because I've always been afraid of finding creepy-crawlies in our nature finds!


Spalva - yes, that is a wonderful site you mentioned! The area of the world you live in looks wonderful and enchanting.


When I was little my dad would take all of us kids for nature walks. I remember the grumbling I did and now I fondly remember the learning I did. We are planning a hike at the state park SOON, I am looking forward to it!!


Thank you for such an excellent post Ellen. I keep waiting for a cold front to arrive so we can get back in the woods. Right now the snakes, red bugs, ticks and skeeters make any nature walks very unpleasant!
Oh my, how disappointing about the walnuts. How dare some creepy bug make your experiment a nursery! ;)


What a great post! I'm going to refer to this often as my family grows and my children get older. Right now we take nature walks at least once or twice a week, and it's so much fun. But it's easy when your kids is a nature nut. I hope this next one is too.

Great photos and wonderful tips. Thanks for posting this!

MaryBeth Hibbert

Wonderful info, Ellen. I also love nature walks with kids...helping them discover the wonders of God's creation. It's pure delight for me. Did you know that the white puffballs (mushroom) are eatable? Peel the outer covering, slice and panfry with herbs/spices (or bake) and eat as a snack. With the right spice...who knows? You might like it.


Love this! Sometimes Hans and I go on them...but he is way more interested finding rocks to throw into a creek at this point :) I think going with older kids would be a neat experience...can we come with you sometime???;)


Ellen, where were you when my kids were younger? I love how hands on you are. I would love to accompany you on an outing! Minus the maggots though.


what an amazing post. i loved every bit of this. i'm so impressed with how much you do. love your lists and plans, all the organization. i can't think of anything your missing, it seems like you have thought of everything. i do use a portable watercolor set made for field journaling. (i do alot but am shy to put it on my blog). here is one similar to the one i have


We had a maggot experience with some acorns that we collected. Thankfully, there was only one, but my best friend who also collected acorns with her son, ended up with a vase full. Blech!!!

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